Through the A’s

Earlier this year I wrote about reading books from around the world. Some of my dear friends & loyal followers have been asking me how far I’ve gotten. August saw me making a push to make it through the “A’s”. (Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it- I’m only on countries starting with the letter  A…& we’re on the 9th month of the year…guess I haven’t gotten that far). Unfortunately the last “A” book I picked up was not much of a summer read; how about a non-fiction book regarding the Armenian genocide. Aye yai yai. As I was struggling to get through this one of my colleagues sent me the following link:

Perfect timing. I just had to get through that book. I hammered through the final pages on the lake (before I had to start paddling to shore)*laughing*.

I’ll reward myself with some ‘fluff’ before diving into the B’s. 

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