It had been a very long time since I’d joined the boys for a day of fishing. A major motivation (other than getting out-of-town) was to finish a non-fiction book pertaining to the Armenian genocide…& of course to spend time with my Pop & bro. I was certainly not disappointed. As soon as we were on the lake Pop tried to rev up the trolling motor. Pop tried so hard he broke the handle right off. So much for using the trolling motor. So Pop turns to the big motor (used for many years of tubing & skiing) and has no problems setting us off for some fishing. There wasn’t a lot of action- each fisherman with one fish a piece. We pause for some lunch (thanks Tom) & head back to the area where they had the little bit of luck. Shortly thereafter the motor putters out; we are out of gas.

I was howling with laughter. What luck?! So here we are all taking our turn to paddle us safely to shore. Thankfully the wind was with us & the drift help speed our journey. Oddly enough we had no problems loading the boat onto the trailer…perhaps we’ll cut the motor all the time.

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