This & That

I was the recipient of some lovely fresh sweet peas…who doesn’t love the smell of sweet peas? Thanks LoriImage


Mom & I decided it was time to get back into the kitchen; this time we had a hankering for Gran’s “yahleme zup” (vegetable soup). Being harvest time with all the fresh veggies we thought it was perfect timing: green & yellow beans, carrots, freshly dug up potatoes from the garden. I laugh that this is called vegetable soup because it always includes meat (either ham or Farmers sausage). I, of course, opted for the Farmers sausage variety. Mom & I are both pleased at how close our soup tastes to Gran’s – high five on that one.Image

Lastly, I’m so excited that my Cana lily has started to flower. It seems that most gardens are slowing down &  the vibrant summer colours we’ve enjoyed over the past couple months are quickly fading. I’m pleased now that the Cana took so long to flower because now all the neighbours think I’m some kind of green thumb :-). Oh…& the whole reason I was out admiring, weeding, & dead-heading is because one of Alvin’s projects this weekend was to clean out the eaves troughs. It always feels good to tick those things off the ‘to do’ list (especially when I just watch it get done)*grin*.


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