Week Off

My week off work started with a camp out in my living room. A couple weeks ago Alvin & I had removed the old shower door from our en suite shower. Thinking it would be a quick job we removed it without much forethought (I had purchased the rod & stall-sized shower curtain weeks ago in hopes of starting the project). The door came off lickety-split but left on the sides & bottom of the shower was the grout used to adhere the door…for decades. I chiseled, chipped & fought with the grout. Pop provided some paint thinner which really should have peeled the stuff right off…or so I thought (burned out my nose hair in any case). The smell was terribly strong so Alvin & I dragged our mattress down into the living room while we left the room to air out.


Family was in town that weekend from Seattle; I ended up having a great visit with my cousin, her hubby, & their lovely 6-month old daughter (even if they found my home in a little bit of disrepair)*grin*. I am a terrible cousin though because I didn’t take one photo of Elina- and she smiled the whole time!

After a couple nights camping out in the living room I got right back into the bathroom & scraped away the remaining sticky stuff. Pop helped fill the holes left from the screws with grout & Alvin hung the rod & shower curtain & we’re back to normal- weeee!

The small change sure makes a big difference to me. No more gunk from other people left in the old shower door- fresh, clean, & hygienic. Love it.

2013-08-15 14.21.25

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