August Long

I always love August long weekend- the sun always shines as a group of us trek to Heritage Days. Alvin took a couple photos but since I’m not on Facebook I haven’t quite figured out how to steal the shots from his phone*laugh*. Suffice it to say that the Bulgogi combo platter took “best dish” on our account – thank you Korea.

Earlier in the week I dug up my first hill of potatoes (ever)! I roasted the potatoes with fresh tomatoes (yes, from my deck), onions & garlic (which I bought from the grocery store). There’s nothing like food fresh out of your very own garden. Delicious.

2013-08-01 18.01.45 2013-08-01 19.33.24

Alvin is starting a job with a new company next week so I felt inspired today to bake a little surprise as he winds up with his current employer. I don’t remember ever making cupcakes before. What fun; I’m beginning to understand how people can enjoy decorating their baking. Confession: I bought the icing which I know is cheating*giggling*.

2013-08-06 18.26.35

It’s back to work for a couple days & then a week off- fingers crossed harvesting of raspberries & choke cherries will be grand as I’ve got Mom & Pop booked for jam-making. Which will likely mean more photos of food on my blog. I’ll try to be more creative after harvest season…

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