How far have I gotten?

The question was raised when my colleague asked me how far I’d gotten “reading around the world”. I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed to report that I’m still on the “A’s” or not. I will admit that I’ve gotten stuck on Argentina. When I saw one of the authors recommended was Jorge Luis Borges I was excited; he is an author that made it to my list of ‘must read his work one day’. Let me tell all of y’all…it ain’t today or anytime soon. I picked up a work of “collected fictions”; looking forward to being able to try Borges out in bite-sized pieces. Unfortunately, his art has flown way over my head. I can’t remember which novels I read that held Borges’ work in the highest regard. Maybe the South American authors I have adored were inspired by his work (or vice versa)- I’ve loved Gabriel Garcia Marquez & Isabel Allende since my high school teacher introduced me to them both in my World Literature class. Let’s just say the ‘magical realism’/ fantasy worlds are at a whole different level with Borges.

I hate to admit defeat & I usually struggle through books. But I received a sign this morning: the library email notification advised me that the Borges book was due right away. I fold. The book’s returned & I’m on to Antigua. (I’ve also got Armenia & Azerbaijan at my fingertips, now it is full steam ahead).

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