Off to the Races

I’m a bit behind on posting but I’ve been busy enjoying the summer*grin*. A couple of weeks ago Candra invited me to go to the horse races- an event I’ve never once thought to attend. It was a beautiful evening & I placed my first ever bets. Pictured below was the race where I had my big win- $27.50 on a $2.00 bet! We were laughing quite hard when my horse came from last place into second. It was my last bet of the day & ended up over $20 to the good. I had no idea the races were so fun; I look forward to attending again.

2013-07-10 20.30.59

Another exciting event that has occurred over the summer: the sale of the Rav & the purchase of our ‘new’ Nissan Murano. Weeee. Riding in style- love it. (It was nice to show off to my Aunt who was briefly in town visiting from Saskatoon as well).

2013-07-17 18.43.49

The other day on the radio the English DJ mentioned “digestive” biscuits. It reminded me how much I loved these cookies when in England so many years ago. The DJ also reminded me that I had bought some a couple of weeks earlier when I found them on sale. I took a few minutes over a cup of tea the other day to savour the English goodies. Oh the simple things in life.

2013-07-20 09.24.28

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