New workout

My colleague Cathryn would expect nothing less from me –  I’ll be writing about:

1. The storm

2. A new workout.

How predictable I’ve become*grin*.

1. After the sweltering temperatures yesterday we were hit with quite a storm. The comedy occurred in a sequence something like this: it was so hot in the house that I opened up all the windows welcoming in the cool breeze. Which quickly turned into gusts of wind. The wind, in turn, brought clouds and a significant temperature drop. Surprise- hail soon followed. I started tearing around the house trying to close the windows as the hail hammered down. The north-facing window in my bedroom couldn’t close- hailstones were caught in between the window and the screen which left it propped open. Alvin happened to call as I was trying to stuff towels around the gap to keep the bed dry. He suggested I remove the screen. Oh, good idea. As I remove the screen it gets caught on the crank handle; both handle and screen break. Oh dear. I shovel out the hailstones and try to re-attach the handle. By the time I succeed in closing the window both the rain and the wind had died down. And I stand dripping wet as Alvin strolls on scene. Priceless.

Size of the hailstones. My poor plants!


The jammed window. I had to snap a photo once the handle broke off (which you can observe in the bottom left corner).




2. Alvin introduced me to a new workout today. In our garage: 19 minutes total. 4 minutes skipping. 1 minute break. 4 minutes swinging a sledgehammer onto a tire. 1 minute break. Repeat.

I loved it though I wondered if the neighbours might start asking questions about what the heck we were doing. Then I didn’t care because I have questions about my neighbours too- muha ha ha ha.

1372898650735 1372898669759

I also have to add a point 3. Pop & Tom went fishing over the weekend; we ate up all the fresh fish happily- nothing like fish fresh out of the lake & into the frying pan. Thanks fishermen…a lovely way to celebrate Canada Day.


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