Father’s Day

I had a memorable Father’s Day to be sure. We went out for a lovely family dinner (who wouldn’t love a Ukrainian buffet- yum yum).

After that I had a TV night- that’s right – the whole evening with the TV on. It happens so rarely but as a family we happily watched the Spurs beat the Heat in Game 5 of the NBA finals. Oh how I would love for them to end it tonight in Miami – Go Spurs!

And a loooong awaited Masterpiece Mystery series is finally back on Sunday evenings. Mom & I were thrilled & enjoyed every minute of our favourite British murder mystery Inspector Lewis. I’ll admit that mom & I did sound a bit ridiculous chatting about how much we missed Kevin Whately & Laurence Fox. The link will describe the series better than I would…who knew I could spend that many hours in front of a TV? Love it!

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