Bragging Rights

The spin cycle on my washing machine stopped working. I was terribly disappointed because I thought the money I had put aside to run the gas line so I can fire up my BBQ was going to have to be put towards a new washing machine. Before admitting defeat I decided to do some YouTube searches to learn (perhaps) some troubleshooting techniques. Maybe – just maybe – we could salvage our hopes of BBQ-ing this Spring/ Summer*grin*.

The SOS went out to my patient Pop & after his gym date he was over watching YouTube, tipping over the washing machine & to my utter delight – finding the faulty piece!

2013-04-29 17.12.55

Back to the Google to find out where we could find the part & seriously, without a hitch, we come back home to install the new clutch (or coupling…the technical terms already escape me).

And it works like a charm. Pop & I are still glowing from last week’s accomplishments. Who knew what cost-savings are available on YouTube…next item of business – BBQ!

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