My Growing Garden

I promise that I will not post too many boring garden photos but I’m so thrilled with how my little yard is looking I had to post a couple. (And I’m excited because my carrots & beans are starting to poke up- no photo included.)

2013-05-27 13.49.172013-05-27 13.49.372013-05-27 13.49.03

When my front garden is looking a little more lively I’ll share photos of that. So far the Herman’s Pride (that used to be my Gran’s) is my highlight *Winning smile*.



Spring Road Trip

Each year mom & I set off for a road trip in Alberta. This year the lucky town was Hinton so that we could check out Switzer Provincial Park. We planned to visit my ‘cousin’ and her baby in Hinton & spend the rest of our time walking in the ‘foothills’. We had gorgeous weather and amazing scenery (we actually saw only one camper the whole day & a half we were there). The only wildlife we managed to see were deer…which suited us fine because many a sign reminded us that we were in bear country.

I love our annual road trips because it reminds me of how fine a province is Alberta.

2013-05-09 16.56.04 2013-05-10 12.15.43 1368139937490

Work Before Play

During my week off I had a list of “to-dos”. Top of my list on several days was “yard work”. Well didn’t we have a gas changing the landscape of both my front & back yards.

Front walk Before

2013-05-06 15.06.40

 Front walk After

2013-05-07 16.46.15


Front yard – including friendly neighbour with a lot of helpful tools. Bye bye juniper & tree stump

2013-05-07 16.46.252013-05-07 17.13.06

Digging up the back garden – so exciting! (And yes…I did help my folks with the hard work)



2013-05-08 13.12.34 2013-05-08 14.36.482013-05-08 15.55.26  

Sport Books

I’ve read a number of books about sports in my day. Sport & active-living have always played important parts in my life; so why not read about what I love? I have been thoroughly disappointed reading some of these books which in my experience have been tailored to a male audience; in one I felt like I shouldn’t have been reading it due to the comments about prostitutes in Vegas. Really.

With a week off looming & after reading a terribly dark book I wanted to pick up something bright, light, and fun. When I visited the library I found a couple books from one of my lists & then treated myself to picking a book off the shelf that I thought might fill the ‘summer read’ category. I ended up randomly selecting a book on Sri Lankan cricket. I know very little about Sri Lanka & even less about cricket and has the book ever been a treat. I love a book that seamlessly weaves truth and fiction; one that talks about beauty, love of sport, and teaches me a thing or two about the country in which it’s set.

A couple of my favourite lines: “Some people gaze at setting suns, sitting mountains, teenage virgins and their wiggling thighs. I see beauty in free kicks, late cuts, slam dunks, tries from halfway and balls that turn from off to leg” (The Legend of Pradeep Mathew, Shehan Karunatilaka). For me its the sounds too – skates on ice, the ‘swish’ of the basketball touching nothing but net – shwa. Gorgeous.

The other line I love (which taken out of context may not be quite as beautiful to you but I’ll try to summarize) – comes when the protagonist is trying to explain to his wife that of course he loves her more than cricket…but people remember sporting events more than they’d care to remember anything about said protagonists life. The author highlights examples of upsets and underdogs at the international level: “Sport can unite worlds, tear down walls and transcend race, the past, and all probability. Unlike life, sport matters”. What better way to enjoy a holiday than reading a good book on a sunny deck?

More interesting vacation stories to come (well…maybe more interesting)*grin*.

I also have to add how fun my unplanned evening became; my only goal coming home today was to take the bike out for a quick rip. Instead my dad’s cousin showed up at Pop’s place & Tom & I went running over for a visit. Uncle Mario thought it had been 15 years since I’d last seen him…I think perhaps closer to 10. It was so great to see him as he always tells the funniest stories with his thick Croatian accent. We then toodled off to pick up a ping pong table from my “aunt & uncle”. Alvin just schooled me but I can predict that this will be a great addition to our home. I’ll have to take some action shots & post them up here.

My little garden is in – yipppeee

On my last day of vacation I cannot resist posting a photo of me watering my garden (there are a lot of photos of hard work throughout the week…but I’ll leave those for another day).

Since the soil hasn’t been worked in a while (as in ever) I’m planting potatoes, fava beans, & carrots in hopes of returning some nutrients to the soil.

Pop was rototilling a different section for tomatoes today as well (yay)!

2013-05-13 15.24.51

Bragging Rights

The spin cycle on my washing machine stopped working. I was terribly disappointed because I thought the money I had put aside to run the gas line so I can fire up my BBQ was going to have to be put towards a new washing machine. Before admitting defeat I decided to do some YouTube searches to learn (perhaps) some troubleshooting techniques. Maybe – just maybe – we could salvage our hopes of BBQ-ing this Spring/ Summer*grin*.

The SOS went out to my patient Pop & after his gym date he was over watching YouTube, tipping over the washing machine & to my utter delight – finding the faulty piece!

2013-04-29 17.12.55

Back to the Google to find out where we could find the part & seriously, without a hitch, we come back home to install the new clutch (or coupling…the technical terms already escape me).

And it works like a charm. Pop & I are still glowing from last week’s accomplishments. Who knew what cost-savings are available on YouTube…next item of business – BBQ!