Knitting achievement

I finally decided I was going to knit something for me. Aunt Nada had sent me home from TO with a pattern that looked quite lovely. Why not? (Really Sarah…you didn’t even know what ‘cowl’ meant…). Here is the finished product. I’m not convinced that I can pull it off; I know Alvin doesn’t really like it. I will admit that it has continued to be so cold here I have sported it around the house*ha ha ha*. Thanks for sharing the pattern Aunt Nada!

  new doo & scarf-y cowl

(And yes, I got a new hairdoo…bangs for the first time in my life). Oh the fun never stops, eh?

I’m not exaggerating about the cold either; after a day of yard-work yesterday this is what we woke up to today. Sigh.

2013-04-29 08.18.15 2013-04-29 08.19.25


Of other note apparently I have had food on the mind. I was terribly disappointed in my first experiment with quinoa salad (I had brought one over for our Easter dinner). I babbled one day at lunch about how I didn’t understand why everyone was so excited about quinoa – didn’t do a thing for me. Of course one of the gals happened to have a quinoa salad with her & inspired me to try quinoa in a new way. I swear I could eat it like this everyday- warm with spinach & feta. Yum yum. (I’d prepared some curried chicken on the side…not knowing how it would turn out)*smile*.



Alvin & I went ‘traditional’ Zambian last night & had nshima with chicken & beans. It was so delicious I had to snap a shot…I did warn you that apparently I’ve got food on the mind*grin*.

most delicious meal in an age

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