I’ve always thought that I was goal-driven, a strong planner who likes to stick to the rules; finding motivation in checking off those boxes. I was stopped in my tracks at the gym the other day when one of Al’s Personal Trainer buddies asked me what my goals were at the gym. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought about that. I enjoy working out and being active…but I’m certainly not training for anything in particular. We have recently started using ‘battle ropes‘…what fun! I enjoy heading to the gym with no clear workout plan envisioned…it has allowed me to try workouts that I normally wouldn’t have dreamt up myself.

So I’ve been re-evaluating about the fact that I may not be quite as goal-driven as I’ve always thought I was…and I’ve realized that I enjoy detours. Following a strict path with no room for flexibility or ‘give’ has started to feel restrictive to me. Perhaps Alvin’s spontaneity and enjoyment of trying new things has made me open my heart to relaxing focus and going with the flow.

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