Easter etc

We had a fabulous ‘non-traditional’ Easter dinner. I hope it will become a tradition; it was very “Spring-y” to not have heavy turkey and mashed potatoes. Pop made up some fabulous meat- Brazilian marinated pork & pork ribs paired with some Croatian sausage-like kebab-thingy. (I loved them but can’t for the life of me remember the Croatian name). Mom couldn’t resist making her oven-baked ‘fried’ chicken (divine as usual). We opted away from mashed potatoes & enjoyed a variety of salads- cabbage, quinoa, and mango salads. Mm mm good.

2013-03-31 17.51.08

On a completely different tangent…books. I continue to be an avid  reader & have received a basket of books that my mom cleared out of her place. I’ve been alternating: library book, book from around the world, and book from basket. I recently picked the ratty-est/ tattiest book of the bunch & sighed- I’ll just get it over with. To my surprise I could not put the book down. I’m not usually drawn to romance novels but then I never read one quite like this before…check it out if you’re up for something different.

2013-04-02 06.34.49

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