Maybe it’s not payback…maybe it’s karma.

More likely it is the recognition of my overconfidence in knowing where I’m going.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

2013-03-31 12.03.03

I went for my first road run of the year (woo hoo). I was running down the wet puddly side of the road when I glanced over & saw the other sidewalk dry & inviting. See photo above. At that point I decided I would return up the same hill but on they dry & ice-free side of the road. This is an important point in the story because I could not change my plan once it was decided. To make the loop I chose to turn left instead of right (as I had planned when I started off) & do a loop up some paths that I don’t know well but explored last summer with Canj. With great confidence I turned left/right/left and when the path came to an end I had no idea where I was. I stopped at the busy road in front of me & looked right, then left. To my left I saw a sign “Welcome to the City of St. Albert”. You’ve got to be kidding me? My first road run of the season and I trotted out-of-town? Oh dear. Then I smiled thinking that I would have to share this story with Clara. (For those of you who knew me growing up you would know my best gal pal…we were inseparable from Grade 4 all the way through our undergraduate degrees. She is now lost in Oz…). We couldn’t have been more different best buddies- she the artistic free spirit; me the athletic planner. In that flash of a “welcome to St. Albert” sign I remembered many of the loooong bike rides I would drag Clara on. She would threaten to turn back & return the same way we came but I would insist that it would be shorter to keep moving forward.

So it was with a smile on my face & memories of good friends that led me in a roundabout route and back up the dry path that had inspired me at the start of the run. And then I thought Clara would relish the thought of my padding all alone thinking…maybe it’ll be faster if I turned round & backtracked. Payback? Karma? Probably neither…

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