When did life get so good?

(This post was drafted sometime after Valentine’s Day…sorry for the delay)*grin*

I had to check myself the other day. Alvin bought me the most glorious lilies for Valentine’s day. And I heard my mind say: “Gorgeous. But they sure do stink”. I immediately felt ungracious and tried to tell myself I could never think something so terrible. We have since laughed about it because they really do have an offensive odour.

2013-02-19 17.29.29

2013-02-20 16.41.42

I put on this bracelet the other day. When I snapped it over my wrist I tried to remember its story. Where did it come from & why do I love it again? Ah, that’s right- one of the Canadian gals that I met through my CGC internship in Zambia gave it to me after an epic visit we had in Swaziland (where she was working). The whole day I smiled sporting a bracelet I had probably not worn for many months. I love appreciating the small things & recognizing the lasting relationships I have been so fortunate to build.

Slowly but surely we’ve started putting some ‘homey’ touches into our new home. The first piece of artwork on our bare walls…we love it*smile*.

2013-02-19 17.30.30

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