P & S Plumbing

I’m sitting here on Sunday morning wondering where my week off has gone. There was a lot of work…and a lot of fun. Alvin dubbed me & Pop “P&S Plumbing” as we spent the better half of two days fumbling with faucets & upgrading to ‘dual-flush’ toilets. We had a few hang ups along the way but with patience (Pop’s got a LOT of patience) we managed to feel pretty good about the improvements.  I’m like a little kid with my shiny new faucets & fancy flushing toilets (mostly I can’t wait to see the lowering of the water bill)!

There was fire (I could hardly contain my excitement)*giggling*


Look how gorgeous the new taps are (I’m sure the taps were the originals from 1987…hideous & leaky to boot)ImageImage

We even had to wrestle with a “P-trap”…thank goodness Tom has a good sense of humour.Image

And finally, securing a gorgeous new vanity. We’ve yet to finish it up with caulking and re-installing the mirror…but we’ll get there.Image

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