So much to say & do

I had to stop myself today & realize that I don’t have to do everything today. I want to:

– knit something for me, for a friend, & for my lovely house

– write more consistently here on my blog

–  dive into a new book (though I just finished an amazing one- an Angolan author I heard of through the blog link I referenced on a previous post). I never thought I’d love a book that was narrated by a gecko…but here I am- opening my mind.

– finish the laundry. Ha!

– watch the 2012 season of Lewis (formerly Inspector Lewis). Only 4 episodes & it’s all I can do to wait until tomorrow night’s date with Ma

– upgrade toilets & taps in 2 bathrooms

– run

– cook more…try new recipes.

I want I want I want. I have to stop myself…to take time to reflect & truly appreciate how grand life is & how much fun I am having now:

– Finally watched the Downton Abbey season finale- my word- what a heartbreaking finale

– Had my first ever East Indian cooking lessons with the parents to Tom’s best friend from ‘back in the day’. A truly special day and divine food.

– Hanging out downtown with Alvin just because

– incorporated the rowing machine into my Saturday morning workout (Al’s trainer friend Pete had me laughing so hard I nearly fell from the machine to the floor…sometimes people must wonder)

– Visits from Olivia & Lain- yay!

My recent mantra (including some hairy days at work) has been – one day at a time. There’s no use freezing like a deer in headlights because there is so much to see/do/want. Today I’m enjoying ticking off a few boxes & will enjoy the journey to continue doing what I love everyday.

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