An Unexpected Pleasure

When I glossed over my surprise trip to Toronto I forgot to mention one of my favourite parts of the adventure.

We went to visit our friend Kieran (aka Mabvuto- meaning problems…which is the “African name” that Kieran earned while coaching Alvin’s basketball team many years ago in Zambia). I’ve reflected a lot on how wonderful it is to have good old friend; friends who are really more like family and who have stuck around for years. On the flip side- I have to share how lovely it was to meet Kieran’s sisters & brother-in-law. A short visit turned lengthy- both spontaneous & warm. As Kieran’s sister left after spending many hours with me & Alvin she said “It has been an unexpected pleasure”.  Really? What an amazing compliment.I’m in awe of people so succinct*grin*. This rambling paragraph is meant to say thanks to the new friends who have so easily slid into a comfort level that usually takes years to foster.

I plan to continue celebrating such ‘unexpected pleasures’ in the coming weeks.

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