January photos

We went to Jen & Trev’s wedding on January 4th…and it has taken me this long to say – yay! Congratulations to the happy couple; it was a beautiful (& fun) wedding.

2013-01-04 22.10.20


Isn’t this shot a scream? Thanks Pop for supplying from your fancy phone.

T and J's wedding

That same weekend we welcomed friends from Zambia (who are now living in Whitehorse) for a visit. It was fabulous to chat about old times & to make some new memories. We had delicious Zambian food and laughed late into the night.

2013-01-05 19.51.30

2013-01-06 12.19.29

I have also completed my first set of ‘zucken’- my Gran would have been proud. The pattern is actually very simple- & once I had the correct size of knitting needles they turned out quite cute. The recipient laughed long & hard about the journey it took to end up with these.2013-01-07 19.31.03

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