A little behind

I have started heading to Calgary for work fairly regularly and in the winter that involves flying the short distance (this fact will come into play later in my post).

On my most recent trip I was able to link up with my dear friend Jennifer & her hubby. Jennifer recently left our fair city for Calgary to start her married life. I would say we’re not the best at staying in touch; but whenever we get together it’s clear that we haven’t missed a beat. I left Calgary earlier in the week beaming. Low maintenance friends are the best!

The trip before I had written a couple of “airport musings”…in the sentence above I have inserted an exclamation point. When you read the sentence did you read it with the emphasis that an exclamation point demands? I must have been reading something in the airport that was littered with exclamation points- I think it’s hilarious reading emails from people who over-use the exclamation point. In my mind I end up rather shouting. (This is apparently one of my pet peeves). Now…back to the more memorable bits of my flight delay. For the first time in my life I saw a gentlemen (live & in person- not watching the NBA on TV) with facial tattoos. Where there was meant to be a hairline there was a tattoo all the way across the forehead.  No need for eyebrows- there was a script outlining the eye socket. It was very difficult to divert my attention anywhere else but on this fellow. I have since determined that he must be famous & I just don’t know who he is. I somehow forced my gaze further down the hallway & saw a couple (perhaps in their 40s) happily leaving the airport. They caught my attention because the female half of the couple leapt up to tap her heels in the air; the physical expression of joy has stuck with me. How many times of you landed at home (or in a new city) and with sheer excitement  or anticipation your body demands expressing the energy; and how many times have we quashed the desire by trying to behave more adult-like?

Here’s to a week of clicking heels in happiness.

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