Neglecting my Blog

I’ve been so busy having fun that I’ve been neglecting sharing any of my stories.

So I’m going to start with how we saw 2012 out. Most of you know how much I adore Alvin. One of the reasons is that he keeps me trying new things. He had gone out with some workmates for a lunch; the featured lunch item was a waffle-chicken-sandwich. So what does Alvin do? Comes home to try to re-create the experience. I will say it was rather delightful. Certainly not recommended to any of you who have resolved to lose weight in 2013*grin*.

2012-12-31 18.14.03

Let me know if you’d try it…It provided solid energy for the tobogganing that soon followed. Belated thanks to Dev for hosting a lovely New Year’s Eve event.


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