With all the media attention of “highlights of 2012”, “best & worst {insert topic here} of 2012”, and with more time over the holidays to talk with people it is inevitable that I reflect on the past year. More than anything I have taken the time to be grateful for where I am and the opportunities I have in my life. I have friends and colleagues who have loved ones who are sick or who have recently passed away. We had a fabulous holiday season full of health, expanding waistlines, and generosity- and for that I am truly grateful.

Below are a couple of thoughts/ activities that have me bidding 2012 a very fond farewell.

Alvin & I have taken to working out together about once per week- over the past couple weeks we have chatted on the drive home about how fortunate we are to be in such good health. I don’t consider myself seriously ‘into’ any sport but enjoy dappling in a few. Alvin had me try something new- sprinting with a parachute attached to my back for resistance. To my utter amazement- I love it. Who knew?

I went out cross-country skiing with a friend yesterday- we saw moose! (I tried to get a photo but they are too well camouflaged in the trees- you’ll have to take my word for it*smile*. Happy New Year to all.

2012-12-30 15.46.07 2012-12-30 15.16.59 2012-12-30 15.38.09

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