Our First Failed Home Experiment

Aye yai yai.

I had a vision…and when attempting to make this vision a reality the original vision was far from realized. The one thing Al & I agreed on was that the blinds & horrible lacy curtain hanging above the bathtub had to go. They are gone. Is the replacement much better? Not really. The process? Pure comedy. Imagine me & Alvin awkwardly perched on the deep tub trying to adhere the sticky opaque cover to the windows. I tried to adjust my balance & my hip hammered the tap & water was flying everywhere. Alvin was not pleased with me but I still chuckle about it when I head into the master bedroom.

But at least I learned cheaply…the privacy glass that I thought would work on a south-facing window will not work in the summer months. I am quite pleased I learned that now & not after investing in an expensive opaque window*grin*.

2012-12-02 17.21.01

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