Encroaching on the Man Cave

I drafted this weeks ago…let’s see how this goes*grin*.

Alvin has embraced having about triple the space we are used to; he’s created a ‘man cave’ in the basement. He’s got an office all set up in the room that’s been finished and in the rest of the open space he is putting together pieces for a home gym. With the winter settling in around us I asked that we set up the bike with its stand in the basement & I have since crept into Alvin’s space a couple of times.



 I thought today (with the day off) I could get out for my coldest run…the TV told me -8 (Celsius for my American readers)…but with windchill by the time I was home it was apparently closer to -13. I didn’t enjoy the road very much…guess I’ll have to get used to the set-up downstairs*smile*.

I found these photos on my phone from the crazy snowstorm week (I got stuck in the snow a couple of days after I had to shovel the Rav from this position).


And finally- the most recent addition to my family- my newest beautiful niece Olivia Rose. I’m so excited for her proud parents Alaina & Marc & very much appreciate the visits we’ve been able to have since she’s been born. Isn’t she perfect?!


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