With all the media attention of “highlights of 2012”, “best & worst {insert topic here} of 2012”, and with more time over the holidays to talk with people it is inevitable that I reflect on the past year. More than anything I have taken the time to be grateful for where I am and the opportunities I have in my life. I have friends and colleagues who have loved ones who are sick or who have recently passed away. We had a fabulous holiday season full of health, expanding waistlines, and generosity- and for that I am truly grateful.

Below are a couple of thoughts/ activities that have me bidding 2012 a very fond farewell.

Alvin & I have taken to working out together about once per week- over the past couple weeks we have chatted on the drive home about how fortunate we are to be in such good health. I don’t consider myself seriously ‘into’ any sport but enjoy dappling in a few. Alvin had me try something new- sprinting with a parachute attached to my back for resistance. To my utter amazement- I love it. Who knew?

I went out cross-country skiing with a friend yesterday- we saw moose! (I tried to get a photo but they are too well camouflaged in the trees- you’ll have to take my word for it*smile*. Happy New Year to all.

2012-12-30 15.46.07 2012-12-30 15.16.59 2012-12-30 15.38.09


I’ve enjoyed decorating our new home, enjoyed the shoveling that has brought with it a white Christmas, and today we saw sun dogs- unbelievable!

Indoor deco

Indoor deco

Before the gifts arrived…

2012-11-27 19.01.08


More gifts than tree…




2012-12-18 19.40.30


Our first fire- beautiful!

2012-12-08 21.09.01


Sundogs- I can see them but that’s because I know where to look*grin*…let me know if you can see them.

2012-12-23 15.21.10





2012-12-23 15.21.36

Our First Failed Home Experiment

Aye yai yai.

I had a vision…and when attempting to make this vision a reality the original vision was far from realized. The one thing Al & I agreed on was that the blinds & horrible lacy curtain hanging above the bathtub had to go. They are gone. Is the replacement much better? Not really. The process? Pure comedy. Imagine me & Alvin awkwardly perched on the deep tub trying to adhere the sticky opaque cover to the windows. I tried to adjust my balance & my hip hammered the tap & water was flying everywhere. Alvin was not pleased with me but I still chuckle about it when I head into the master bedroom.

But at least I learned cheaply…the privacy glass that I thought would work on a south-facing window will not work in the summer months. I am quite pleased I learned that now & not after investing in an expensive opaque window*grin*.

2012-12-02 17.21.01

Encroaching on the Man Cave

I drafted this weeks ago…let’s see how this goes*grin*.

Alvin has embraced having about triple the space we are used to; he’s created a ‘man cave’ in the basement. He’s got an office all set up in the room that’s been finished and in the rest of the open space he is putting together pieces for a home gym. With the winter settling in around us I asked that we set up the bike with its stand in the basement & I have since crept into Alvin’s space a couple of times.



 I thought today (with the day off) I could get out for my coldest run…the TV told me -8 (Celsius for my American readers)…but with windchill by the time I was home it was apparently closer to -13. I didn’t enjoy the road very much…guess I’ll have to get used to the set-up downstairs*smile*.

I found these photos on my phone from the crazy snowstorm week (I got stuck in the snow a couple of days after I had to shovel the Rav from this position).


And finally- the most recent addition to my family- my newest beautiful niece Olivia Rose. I’m so excited for her proud parents Alaina & Marc & very much appreciate the visits we’ve been able to have since she’s been born. Isn’t she perfect?!


A new phase

Call me frugal. Call me cheap…but I refuse to pay $2.50/ month to continue blogging. So here I am doing a work around…let’s hope WordPress is as good to me as blogger was over the years.  I do enjoy writing, staying in touch, and sharing random stories…I’m sure I’ll have to work out a few kinks but I thank you all for moving along with me…

More stories and experiments to come.