A Great Year for Books

It’s been a hard year for me… which is a topic I may write about one day. But for now I want to highlight two reads that I was excited about for months after reading.

The first was a handoff from my mom. A cover that looked like it was going to be a cheesy Canadian hockey read. It was lost in one of my drawers for months but when- out of desperation I picked it up- I opened one of my all- time favourite reads. “Bear Town” by Frederick Bakman spoke to me in a number of ways. First, as an athlete. I’m not sure I’ve read any book that has so eloquently shared the competitive spirit of an athlete & the development of community around the love of sport. Second, as a parent. At one point this male author described a mothers love & I was floored that a man could articulate ideas I had been struggling & celebrating since Ivy arrived on the scene. I laughed & wept throughout the novel & have discovered there is a sequel…I can’t wait to get my hands on that! Many people around me have read Bear Town & loved it- I’m in awe of this Swedish author’s talent.

Then, for book club I had to read a fantasy novel: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (who I quickly learned is ‘kind of’ a big deal). Fantasy is not my preferred genre but the idea of an underground London (not unlike my growing up with the ninja turtles) & challenging the norm/ values of today’s society was irresistible to me. I will definitely read more of Gaiman’s work.

And on that note I think I’ll make a cuppa & settle in with a good book on this snowy night 🙄📖📚

Mom moment

Alvin split his gut last night when I told him this story so I thought I’d share a little wider. Please do not read this if you’re eating… it’s a little gross.

I had finished giving Isaiah a quick bath but of course he didn’t want to climb out & dry off yet. so the water was draining & he was playing with the plug- sweet right? I started getting suspicious of the squatting position & noticed indeed- the child has pooped. I grabbed some wipes & did a quick clean. As I turned my back to find a suitable temporary location for the swaddled pooh I guess Isaiah realized he wasn’t finished. when I turned back to him he’d picked up the smallest section of poop in between his pointer & thumb- offering it to me ever so politely- Ugh! More wipes, another quick bath & some Mr. Clean to wash down the tub & we’re no worse for wear.

Also… I’ve just joined Instagram- if you are interested in less story & more photos that’s the spot: @simplysarah11 is where you can find me (Auntie Nada)?! 😉

Here are some snaps from recent adventures:

I just want to eat my f*in tofu taco

Those words ran through my mind as I “chose” to have a “quick” conversation with a senior leader I’d been working with. The minutes after noon were ticking by as my tummy rumbled…I am notorious for getting “hangry” so my colleagues were splitting at the sides as I paced my office cursing on the inside. Two reasons I’m telling that story:

1. I actually have a tofu recipe I enjoy! (lol)

2. The frustrations of office life seem distant after a beautiful week off with my babes.

But my last couple days in the office were rather hairy…

I returned from my commute to a car signalling I had low tire pressure… as I tried putting air in the tire I noticed a massive nail… the folks had to pitch in to help collect the kids & me. I’m lucky that the tire was patched & it feels like new (as I headed out on the highway a couple days later for a girls camping trip).

Also, I had an exploding tea bag that week. I’m not sure that’s ever happened to me but the tea bag floated to the top of my cup & tea leaves swirled around.

So here are some photos from my week off:

Girls camping trip:

Ivy & Arra

The tent

The gals after I smoked them in a friendly game of croquet


Slip & sliding on a smoking hot afternoon

Ivy’s first hair cut 💓

Hanging around town

And to cap it all off… the beautiful tinging of jars sealing… pumpkin lentil soup for my lunch stores as I head back to work Monday…mmmm

How am I going to get out of this?

In a split second those words were running through my head. I had collected a fussing Isaiah from his crib & for some reason started carrying him to my room. That’s when the vomiting started…Ugh. All down my chest & through my blouse, slow rolling down my pants… the finest moments of motherhood.

I grabbed some towels that were nearby to collect the second round (how can there be so much puke in such a little body)??!! The poor little guy was so tired from the fever & vomiting that he rested his head against my chest. He must have felt me surveying my surroundings & thinking… what now? When he looked up at me… his forehead now covered in his own puke. That’s when I thought- how will I get out of this? But- as I believe everyone does- you find a way. And now we’re all healthy so there’s much to be grateful for.

A few recent shots. Isaiah joined me in his stroller for a morning run (glorious)!

Ivy participated in her year- end dance recital & it was an amazing evening.

Ivy insisted on baking Alvin lemon meringue pie for his birthday. The meringue didn’t do the fluffing up thing but the pie was delicious. No more epic vegan baking fails!

My beauties excited about a rainy morning

What do you do

When the home team disappoints? Bleed green! lol. Go Celtics

Soccer season is here 💟

I had a lovely Mother’s day with my babes & Alvin (while my mom went road tripping). Ivy gave me a bouquet of dandelions- truly made my heart sing.

Springtime has arrived

Isaiah is a terror right now (I mean that in a loving way). he’s fast & he’s climbing on, out of & around everything!

They are very sweet together these days… which is amazing for me

When he’s not climbing he’s reaching for food… in any form. Bowls of yogurt, pasta, & cups of water have gone flying when he’s escaped from view.

Ivy is into monsters, vampires & scaring people. I loved this look the other day- these kids crack me up.

my baby is 1

And his party was a bust… he slept through supper while his guests carried on. The poor babe had been so sick leading up to his #1- but I did catch a few photos on his actual birthday 😍

sneak peek at Ivy’s end of year dance costume:

And today Isaiah & I got out for our 1st road run- yeah!

couldn’t resist posting this one either