Summer adventures

We commenced a rather major yard project. Day 1 had us shoveling dirt on & off a trailer.

Day 2 we accomplished a lot more by renting a trailer that lifted all the dirt off-  most people groan about home projects but I’m pretty excited about this one.  Too bad mother nature isn’t cooperating… it’s been too wet to make any more headway. 

Ivy is enjoying the library reading program this summer… truth be told I am too. 

Tom,  Dev & Jasper went camping with us.  Ivy was thrilled with everything… except that we couldn’t see the stars at night. though I’m happy to report we survived a thunder storm of epic proportions. (Isaiah stayed home with dad & grandma so it was super fun for me & my girl).



Ivy’s running mate…a sweet boy she met through soccer

She’s got her own little style going on now

Our Isaiah… he continues to be the happiest baby I’ve ever come across

Fishing day…

All hands on deck to reel this one in… he he he. 

More birthday parties for my busy Ivy

on the go

It seems that I blink and another week has slipped past. Things are busy with 2 kids, surprise!  Haha.

Ivy was invited to her first birthday party where I didn’t know the parents- ack! We ended up having a grand ol’ time 

Play time with friends: Sophie, 


Cousin Jasper

Canada day: 

Celebrated Mylo’s birthday AND learned how to ride her bike during the 2 short weeks Mylo was in town this summer. 

Alvin & I attended this super fun wedding 

A day at the beach

My first crack at cooking tofu… let’s just say I’ll try a couple other recipes before I completely give up on tofu. 

A hot day with the best of friends

And lastly… Isaiah has discovered his toes

Cooking vegan

True. Alvin went on a mad health kick when I was still pregnant & downing donairs like they were going out of style. It hasn’t taken me long to jump on board the healthier eating train though & I’m enjoying trying recipes & using new ingredients from a vegan cookbook Alvin brought home. We both feel great despite being the brunt of many jokes from friends & family. I feel like I need to clarify that I’m not actually vegan-  I won’t give up a splash of milk in my tea (that I drink religiously every morning)  or butter.  I’m not missing meat one bit. Not even bacon 🐷
Of other note:  my mother- in- law has arrived & it it’s amazing having her here. 

Ivy participated in her first soccer jamboree

Sweet selfie

Ivy completed her first preschool class (active kids-  It was fun)!

Isaiah turned 3 months

Mom had a birthday

Alvin had a birthday…

& it appears I’ve forgotten how to cook meat-  whoops! All I could think when I saw the blackened meat was:  Thank heavens the birthday boy is vegetarian! 

Mediocre result on my first attempt at vegan cupcakes… but I’m looking forward to trying again. 

The following photos are from a most enjoyable day at Fort Edmonton park

I went to the grocery in heels

There you have it. As if I live in LA & the paparazzi follow me everywhere… the truth is that I bought these gorgeous new heels on a whim. Of course now I realize it was a little silly because I don’t have many occasions to wear them as I’m chasing around my babes 90% of the time. Lol. But I was in a sun dress yesterday & thought I could slip on the heels for a short test run.   I sense a date night in my near future and I’ll be sure to sport them then. 

Now a few highlights from the past weeks: 

Selfie during a picnic…when we left the lunch bag at home,  that was a fine mom moment 🙃

My sweeties

Jasper & Isaiah… after Isaiah’s 1st swim

Beer on the deck with Canj-  perfect! 


What did that groundhog say in February? Because it’s still snowing…& in the picture below there are pussy willows…which you probably can’t see because of all the snow 😢. Ah well,  we’re still working on outdoor time everyday. ..what else can you do? 

We’ve been scooting, swinging,  splashing,  carrying babies. .. in the 4 weeks since Isaiah arrived on the scene. I’m savouring everything this time around.